April 04, 2017

WCS New Ireland Program commemorated the World Water Day with two schools in Kavieng town last month.

The event was celebrated on its annual international sanctioned date - March 22 with the theme Waste Water.

WCS community engagement officer Mr. Francis Gove and community facilitator Ms. Nerry Mana celebrated the event with the Cateret and Sacred Heart Primary Schools.

They talked to students about the importance of water and how it should be conserved to sustain their livelihoods and household.

Ms. Nerry reminded students to use water efficiently and to be mindful when disposing chemicals, oils and rubbish into water ways to reduce water pollution.

Head teacher of Cateret Primary School, Mrs. Passingan thanked WCS for the visit.

She said visits during such occasion to the school enables students to grasp and understand the importance of the events celebrated. She added that the message shared on the conservation of water and its sustainable use was very important for students’ awareness. 

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