Manus Island

Central Manus represents the largest remaining patch of intact forest in the Admiralty Islands. Through the Manus program WCS PNG provides culturally sensitive technical advice and financial incentives to local communities to help them protect their forest and marine resources and adapt to a rapidly changing climate.  


WCS PNG activities within Manus Province include defining land tenure rights through clan boundary mapping, local-level land management planning, stabilizing the coastal zone through mangrove restoration and improving food security through agriculture improvement projects. On Manus Island WCS is implementing a Village-REDD+ demonstration activity in the largest remaining area of forest in the Admiralty Islands. REDD+ (standing for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation with the “+” referring to sustainable forest management, enhancement of carbon stocks, and conservation) projects offer a means of forest and carbon protection that seeks to minimize disputes and maximize the equitable distribution of benefits (follow this link for more on WCS PNG’s REDD+ work). WCS is also working with coastal and inland communities on climate change and adaptation measures to ensure that the region can cope with rising sea levels and a more unpredictable weather patterns caused by climate change. Adaptation activities include promoting and providing scientific and technical input to the sustainable harvest of marine and terrestrial resources (see this link to our research on Admiralty cuscus) and improving gardening techniques and crop varieties to provide more drought and disease resistant species. Support for WCS’s work on Manus comes from Australian AID and the work is being undertaken in partnership with other institutions including the National Agricultural Research Institute, and the Provincial Government. 

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