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Angela Kakau
Human Resources Manager
Angela Kakau serves as Human Resource Manager at WCS.
Fiona Manu
Sustainable Conservation Coordinator
Fiona Manu serves as Sustainable Conservation Coordinator at WCS.
John Ezekiel
Program Officer
John Ezekiel serves as Program Officer at WCS.
John Lamaris
Terrestrial Conservation Coordinator
John completed a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Sciences at the University of PNG in 2010 and was employed by Lihir Environmental Services as a trainee Hydrologist before joining the WCSPNG as a Research Intern in 2013. He recently completed his BSc Honours degree with the University of PNG studying the homerange and movement patterns of the Admiralty cuscus (Spilocuscus kraemeri) and the use of tambu areas to sustainably conserve the species. His new role as a Conservation Technician sees him in charge of the WCSPNG’s animal monitoring program and the welfare of research animals both wild and captive. His tasks include liaising with local communities, collate and archive internal and external reports & data entry, storage and exploratory of data analysis and the maintenance of scientific and field equipment. He also contributes to WCSPNG’s scientific publications.
John Ole
John has been working with the WCS Highlands program team for many years and is responsible for driving the office vehicles and assisting with logistics and administration.
John Takai Kuange
Assistant Director
John Tagai Kuange has a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management (Climate Change Policy) from the University of Queensland, Graduate Certificate in NGO leadership and Management in Pacific from Unitech New Zealand, and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Management from the University of Papua New Guinea. He started working for WCS under the marine program as a socioeconomic research assistant in 2004. John has surveyed many sites in the New Guinea Islands, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and has been instrumental in the successful establishment of three community-based marine conservation areas. In 2008 John moved from the marine to terrestrial programs of WCS PNG as a Community Engagement Officer. Since then he has moved up the ranks to Senior Community Engagement Officer and team leader for community engagement. He has been appointed as assistant director since 2014. His principle roles include managing and maintaining relationships with local communities, NGO and CBO partners, government divisions and agencies, and other stakeholders.
Jonathan Richard Booth
Marine Conservation Advisor
Jonathan Richard Booth serves as Marine Conservation Advisor at WCS.
July Kuri
July Kuri serves as Community Engagement Officer at WCS.
Kigl Michael
Community Engagement Officer - Goroka Office
Kigl Michael serves as Community Engagement Officer at WCS.
Leah Baina
Finance & Payroll Support Officer
Leah Baina serves as Finance & Payroll Officer at WCS.
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